Antioch Church

5030 Willard Rd | Willard, NC 28478 | 910.285.3802
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Mission Statement of Antioch Church

By the help and mercies of God given unto us so freely, we resolve that our mission as a part of the universal body of Jesus Christ shall be as follows:

  1. To seek to promote and effect in every life possible, the plan of salvation through the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ our Lord.
  2. To regularly worship and praise the Lord for all of his benefits to us and because as sovereign God, he deserves our praise for all things.
  3. To reach out our hands with help and mercy to those about us in need.
  4. To hold high the moral purity and character of Jesus Christ through our conduct, example, faith and personal purity of life.
  5. To faithfully proclaim the eternal truths of the bible by all means and opportunities available to us at all times.